Dance and music are central to being human, yet most people feel intimidated by dancing in front of others.
But dancing is for everybody and every body.

No Lights No Lycra Education workshops are not about how you dance but how it feels to dance. There are no steps to learn, no technique, no pressure to dance “properly”, and no lights. By dancing in a dimly lit room, students can feel confident to explore movement without worrying about being seen.


Alice Glenn, Founder and CEO of No Lights No Lycra Education and No Lights No Lycra. She is a registered teacher and has been running movement workshops in schools for over 10 years.

About the workshops

Each workshop contains guided movement activities held in a dimly lit room that provide a safe and structured space for students to express themselves while experimenting with movement.

We begin with popular music chosen by the students and then broaden their musical awareness with a variety of styles and genres.

Each workshop involves discussions about why people dance and how the students feel about expressing themselves in public. The workshops are designed to help students feel comfortable being themselves physically and socially.

Workshop requirements
  • Workshops are available to students from kindergarten to year 12.
  • The only requirement is a room or hall where all or most of the light can be blocked out. We can supply fabric to block out windows if they aren’t too high.
  • Schools that are 50km or more outside of Melbourne CBD will incur a price increase to cover travel costs.

Please contact
to discuss holding a workshop at your school.

“Here it’s just your body and the music. Your senses are limited to what you hear.”

― The New York Times August 4, 2010