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What is No Lights No Lycra?

No Lights No Lycra is a global dance community providing an inclusive and non-judgmental place for people to dance in the dark. We grew from a small gathering in Melbourne into a global community, simply because joy is contagious, and people love to dance.

What is the School Ambassador Program?

On the back of the success of No Lights, No Lycra and with an increasing number of young people becoming vulnerable to stress, anxiety and low self-esteem, it was a natural progression to take this to the schools and the education sector.
Designed in collaboration with high school students, The No Lights No Lycra Student Ambassador Program gets your school community moving for better health and wellbeing.

Why does your school need this program?

We believe No Lights No Lycra is about more than just dancing in the dark. No Lights No Lycra is a philosophy and a way of being. It’s about bringing people together in an inclusive, unpretentious, joyful community setting.


1 in 7
Young Australians experience a mental health condition

1 in 35
Young Australians aged 4-17 experience a depressive disorder

1 in 14
Young Australians experienced an anxiety disorder in 2015


Physical health

Mental health

Improving concentration + ability to manage anxiety and stress

Emotional wellbeing

Feeling more confident, happy + relaxed, with improved self-esteem

Social skills

(and reduced anti-social behaviour)

Capacity for learning

Listening to uplifting music can have a profound impact on the brain. Stimulating it to increase feel good hormones and improve mood. Music is a great vehicle to help us process emotions.

Last year The University of Sydney found that 95% of participants felt No Lights No Lycra improved their physical health, and 97% said No Lights No Lycra improved their mental health. The top wellbeing benefits reported were inclusivity, community trust and lack of fear of judgement.

This peer led health and wellbeing program encourages young people to prioritise and care for their mental health using music and movement as the medium.

Mental health, physical health, community engagement, inclusiveness, confidence and connection.

How does it work?

The program requires minimal teacher input: Your school selects an adult mentor who checks in with students whenever they deemed appropriate.

Your school selects a small group of students (3-6 recommended). They don’t have to be dancers, just kids with an interest in leadership, movement, fitness or music. These students will become the No Lights No Lycra Student Ambassadors and will be responsible for running the program at your school.

The Student Ambassadors undertake our engaging No Lights No Lycra online training. Starting with 6 interactive lessons that teach students the No Lights No Lycra philosophy and process.

Lesson 1: Introduction to No Lights No Lycra and the program
Lesson 2: What is the Student Ambassadors job?
Lesson 3: Communicating the rules
Lesson 4: Playlists/responsible music selection
Lesson 5: Getting the word out to your community
Lesson 6: Running your first class

Your school provides a safe space for your Ambassadors to begin running workshops within the school community.

Your school community will become part of the No Lights No Lycra monthly dancer count published on our website.

Through an online Ambassador forum students will be connecting with other No Lights No Lycra Student Ambassadors.

MOST IMPORTANTLY this program becomes part of your ongoing Australian Student Wellbeing Framework. Students pass on their knowledge as the year’s progress. Connecting with their greater school community, building on their leadership skills and building confidence.

As a part of the membership you’ll have access to further training and resources.

Each year new student Ambassadors will have access to online training but they will also carry the knowledge and teachings of the Student Ambassadors that have come before them.

As part of your membership, No Lights No Lycra will provide guidelines and support to students for training the next group of Student Ambassadors.

How does it link to the curriculum?

The No Lights No Lycra online training links directly with Australian curriculum and the Australian Wellbeing framework.

How do I get my school involved?

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Ongoing email support for your Adult mentor.

The Student Ambassador forum.
There are more than 80 No Lights No Lycra Ambassadors around the world who are connected via an online forum. They use this platform to share ideas, playlists and troubleshoot. The No Lights No Lycra Student Ambassador forum will run in the same way providing a safe and No Lights No Lycra monitored online space for students to connect.

HQ monthly live chat on forum.
Once a month No Lights No Lycra HQ will jump online for a live chat session with student Ambassadors

Training Videos from industry professionals including:

  • DJ’s
  • Marketing and communication professionals
  • Inclusivity experts
  • Event management professionals

New resources uploaded monthly:

  • Playlists
  • Community engagement training
  • Posters
  • Event sign templates
  • How to host an No Lights No Lycra discussion group
  • Daily dance rituals for your school
  • Monthly tips and suggestion

“if you can dance and be free and not embarrassed you can rule the world.”
― Amy Poehler